Are spiders in the house good or bad? This is a question that has been debated for centuries. Some people see them as helpful because they eat other pests, while others see them as a nuisance because they can be harmful. Lawn Plus Pest Control Services isn’t here to sway you one way or the other. We’re just here to give you all the good, the bad, and the ugly of house spiders!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of House Spiders

The House Spider Explained

House spiders are a group of spiders that are typically found living in homes. They can vary in size and color and can be found in attics, basements, closets, or even behind furniture. They’re usually the ones responsible for the cobwebs in the corners of rooms and in the far reaches of the closet. The most common house spider is the daddy long leg, which is entirely harmless despite its large size.

The Good 

These small spiders can be a beneficial part of the home environment. They are excellent predators and can help keep other pest populations in check. Some species even capture and eat flying insects, such as moths. This makes them particularly useful for homes that have recurring infestations. By preying on other pests in your home, house spiders are actually really good at deterring the spread of disease from pest to human.

The Bad 

Unfortunately, house spiders can be a problem, as they often make their webs in areas of the home that are inaccessible or difficult to clean. Over time, the cobwebs accumulate, attracting dust, dirt, and mites. Furthermore, some species of spiders are venomous, and although most aren’t dangerous to humans, their bite can cause pain. 

The Ugly 

As mentioned before, some species of house spiders are venomous. This fact alone is enough to make you not want them in your home. Additionally, these spiders tend to reproduce quickly, which means you could be housing more than you think. The other ugly fact is that there’s no reliable pest control method, which means you’ll still have to call in outside help. 

Getting Rid of House Spiders

Because we’re well aware of house spiders in the area, the Lawn Plus Pest Control Services team knows just how to get rid of them. While you might be tempted to keep a few around, removing them is best. So, if you live in the Cincinnati, OH, area, contact us at (513) 296-7378. We can also take care of those ants and cockroaches.