When the weather starts getting cooler and the cravings for apple cider kick in, folks usually start getting the itch to decorate. Not only do we break out our autumn décor, but we also pull out that storage tub full of Halloween decorations. Once a year, people do their best to create spooky landscapes and lawns, and this year is no different. Here at Lawn Plus Pest Control, we love a good Halloween set-up. If you haven’t quite decided how to decorate for the occasion, here are some ideas to consider for this year.

2020 Halloween Lawn Decor Ideas

Deck Out in Black & White

Around this time of year, anything black and white is spooky. If you’re looking for some traditional items that can still give your neighbors the creeps, then pick out some giant black spiders and webbing to place in your trees or shrubs near the front porch. You might also find it fun to hang white ghosts and faux black bats from the trees. Stick to these two simple colors and watch them turn your lawn into a spooky wonderland.


Every year, skeletons seem to be more life-like. If you’re hoping for some extra screams this year, set a motion-activated skeleton on your porch and then listen for the gasps and screams every time someone walks by. Some homeowners are getting even more creative by laying out just the head and arms of a skeleton in the yard to make it seem like someone’s coming back from the dead. You can take it a step further and invest in a unicorn skeleton to really give the neighbors something to stare at.

Keep It Simple

If you’re not into the spooky and scary but still want to decorate, then keep it simple. A couple of carved pumpkins and some corn stalks never go out of style. You can mix it up this year by getting a little more creative with your pumpkin’s face, or try spray painting the corn cobs black. Make a day of it with the kids and enjoy some family time while you’re at it. Some families are even putting together their very best (and scariest) scarecrows to put out by the mailbox or on the porch.

Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall

You might get away with covering up your weeds and patchy lawn with Halloween decorations, but that shouldn’t be your go-to solution. When you’re ready to take down the decorations and repair your lawn for the rest of the fall, give Lawn Plus Pest Control a call. Not only can we help you aerate and overseed, but we can also help trim your trees and bushes and treat your landscaping for spiders, ants, and rodents. If you live in the Cincinnati area, we’re ready to serve you! So, call us today at (513) 296-7378.