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Your home will be the showpiece of the neighborhood when you use the lawn care services from Lawn Plus Pest Control Services. We specialize in affordable and reliable treatments for your lawn, trees, and shrubs. Request an estimate now in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding areas or call (513) 296-7378 for more information.

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Our Lawn Health Service

In addition to pest control services, our lawn care programs will keep your yard in tiptop shape.

Seeding & Renovation Cincinnati

Seeding & Renovation

A patchy lawn is not ideal and points to an underlying problem. We’ll analyze the situation and recommend a solution. If the issue extends to more than a few random patches, a lawn renovation may be in order. Our procedure is more than scattering seed on top of the lawn. We slice the seed directly into the ground, which ensures a higher germination rate and a healthier lawn.


Sometimes all a poorly performing lawn needs is aeration. Soil compaction due to heavy traffic can limit the amount of water, air, and nutrients that reaches the roots – all things that grass needs to grow and thrive. Core aeration opens up pockets in the soil that will allow the nutrients through.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Each season, weeds experience different germination cycles and require four applications to control the four seasons of weeds. Our turf also should be fed four times per year for a full year of lawn health.

Looking For a Lush Lawn?

Additional Lawn & Property Maintenance Services

At Lawn Plus Pest Control Services, our professionals provide an affordable and effective solution for nearly any lawn, shrub, and tree related issue. Our other services include the following:

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Lawn Plus specializes in affordable, flexible services, and we guarantee the highest quality of products and the best customer service that can be provided. Call (513) 296-7378 or request an estimate now. We serve Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding areas including Mason, West Chester, Fairfield, Hamilton, and beyond.