As the summer months wind down, you need to start thinking about fall pest control. Cooler temperatures bring more than just falling leaves; there could be a variety of pests cozying up in your home for the winter. While you might not notice them during the winter, treating your home in the fall can help prevent issues in the spring. At Lawn Plus Pest Control Services, we help homeowners get rid of common fall pests.

3 Common Fall Pests

1. Bees & Wasps

If you begin to notice bees buzzing around your home more than usual, there’s a good reason. While they’re not there to intentionally ruin your day, they can become a nuisance. Some bee species send out more workers to collect nutrients from late-blooming flowers. They’ll use these nutrients to feed the hive through the winter. Wasps can also become a problem in the fall, as they scour for more carbohydrate-rich foods to get them through the cold months. So, it might seem like your home is under attack, but these pests are simply looking for more food sources. 

2. Cockroaches

As the weather starts to cool and the days shorten, cockroaches begin looking for warm places to hide, and your home is the perfect target. The best way to stop a cockroach infestation is through prevention. Fall pest control applications deter roaches from getting through even the smallest exterior crack of your home. You can further your roach prevention efforts by using airtight food storage containers and taking your trash out daily. 

3. Spiders

Are you knocking down cobwebs just to find new ones the next day? You’re not alone. Some species of garden spiders, like the orb weaver, are at their largest and most mature selves in the fall. The females are looking for places to lay eggs, and inside your home is the perfect place. While their webs on the outside of your home can help prevent other pests from getting in, having them in your home doesn’t benefit anyone. So, if you notice more cobwebs and spiderwebs in your home, then it’s time for fall pest control.

Prepare for Fall Pests

Pests in your home can make you feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services can help! We have treatments available for all pests, including the ones listed here as well as rodents, bed bugs, and ants. We proudly serve residents throughout Cincinnati, OH, and are waiting for your call. To get an estimate, dial (513) 296-7378