The month of May is usually full of backyard barbecues, yard work, and outdoor kid activities. It’s also the time when most homeowners and businesses begin to battle hoards of mosquitos around their properties. With the proper lawn care and pest control services from Lawn Plus Pest Control Services, you can help clear mosquito eggs and larvae from your lawn before they even have a chance to bite. If you’re curious where we find them the most, here are three of the most common places to look.

3 Common Habitats for Mosquito Larvae

1. Water Puddles 

If recent heavy rains have left standing water in your lawn, there’s not doubt that mosquito adults have taken advantage of these areas to lay their eggs. With warmer temperatures, rain water is at its prime condition for these little eggs to take hold and grow a new army of biters. You can avoid them maturing if you either install proper drainage in your lawn or remove the water by hand with a shop vacuum or bucket. This will ensure these summertime pests don’t have a proper place to breed in your lawn. 

2. Tire Rims

If you have a large tractor, truck, or other vehicle that’s been sitting on your property for a while, check the rims for standing water. It’s an unlikely place to look, but it could very well be where all of your mosquitos are coming from. If that’s the case, either move your vehicle to get rid of all the water and any larvae, or remove the tires and spray them dawn with the hose. Let them dry and then put them back on. You might also want to check that tire swing in the back yard and tip any water out it as well. 

3. Gutters

Gutter cleaning isn’t just essential to the structure of your home, it’s also a preventative measure to keep mosquitos out of your lawn. Leaves and twigs from last fall can create a clog which backs up water and lets it become stagnant. Mosquitos love stagnant water and the nutrients from the decomposing leaves is the perfect environment for the larvae. So, before they have a chance, clean out your gutters and wash them out with a hose to clean any leftover debris or hiding spots for mosquitos. 

Professional Lawn Care Services

Providing professional pest control and lawn care services to residents around Cincinnati is our specialty at Lawn Plus Pest Control. We pride ourselves on having the best techniques and using the best pest removal products to help keep your lawn and your family happy and healthy. Mosquitos, ticks and fleas, and other pests can carry a variety of disease that threaten you and your family, so when you need help with prevention and treatments, contact us! You can request a free estimate online, or by calling our office at (513) 296-7378.