Rodents and pests have many of the same needs as humans: food, water, and shelter. While most mice live in wooded areas, it’s not uncommon for them to venture into homes and apartments. Unfortunately, you might not be helping your cause to keep mice out. So, if you want to avoid giving mice a cozy place to live, then you need to know what’s attracting them. Here’s what the Lawn Plus Pest Control Solutions experts want you to know.

3 Things Attracting Mice to Your Home

1. Warmth

As we’ve already mentioned, rodents need shelter. Unfortunately, the inside of your walls is a perfect place to hide out for the winter, and all year long sometimes. So, if you want to avoid harboring mice, then it’s a good idea to patch exterior holes. You should also look for any potential mice holes in the trim around windows and doors. Finally, check your water heater. The warmth this appliance provides is a popular hideout for mice. 

2. Food

Mice often follow their noses in search of food. If you tend to keep food out on the counter or have open containers in the pantry, you might want to rethink your food storage. Mice love berries and fruits, so keeping a bowl of these on the counter is just an invitation. Furthermore, mice have an exceptional sense of smell, so if you have open chip bags or crackers in the pantry, they’re sure to find them. Keep your foods in airtight containers or stored in the refrigerator to avoid feeding these pests.

3. Clutter

Mice tend to nest using whatever they can find. Many times, people find nests made of paper, cotton, clothing, twigs, and just about any sort of plastic. It’s likely that these materials came from inside your home, which is why you never want to keep clutter around. Clutter is one of the most attractive things to rodents of all sizes, but especially mice. Unfortunately, mice can go months or years undetected in any area with clutter.

Your Rodent Pest Solution

Rodents are dirty, disease-ridden pests that can make you feel like your home isn’t safe. So, when you need reliable pest control in Cincinnati, OH, turn to the team at Lawn Plus Pest Control Services. We not only remedy your mice problem, but we can also take care of ants, spiders, and cockroaches. Get your estimate online or call us a (513) 296-7378.