Pet owners everywhere battle seasonal fleas and ticks. While these pests are common, homeowners and pet owners know very little about them. Fortunately, for residents throughout Cincinnati, OH, the team at Lawn Plus Pest Control Services knows all about fleas and ticks. Our expert lawn care services can help you get rid of these pesky bugs, but here are some essential facts we feel everyone should know.

5 Facts about Fleas & Ticks

1. Flea & Tick Bites Are Toxic

Saliva from fleas and ticks contains toxins that often lead to a rash or skin irritation around the bite site. When your pet becomes infested with fleas or ticks, they may scratch excessively because of the toxins released with each bite. 

2. Fleas Reproduce Rapidly

Very rarely do pet owners find a single flea. Because of a short life cycle, flea eggs can mature quickly. When the conditions are right and the weather is warm, fleas can reach maturity in as little as 12 days. Each female flea can lay about 20 eggs a day, which means you could reasonably expect more than 20,000 fleas in your home or on your pet in less than two months. 

3. No Host Required

While fleas and ticks prefer to have a host, one is not always necessary for them to live, eat, and reproduce. Fleas can live in your lawn, carpeting, or floorboards for months without a host. Ticks can go several months without eating, laying their eggs around your yard. The only way to rid your lawn of these tiny bugs is to hire a lawn care service team. 

4. Fleas & Ticks Spread Diseases

In addition to toxic saliva, ticks and fleas can spread diseases that are deadly to kids and pets. For example, ticks often carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Common diseases carried by fleas include bubonic plague, typhus, and tapeworms. 

5. Ticks Can Paralyze

Some species of ticks carry a toxin that can paralyze your pet’s central nervous system. It’s also not uncommon for this same toxin to cause respiratory distress or failure. If you have ticks in your backyard or have been in an area known to have ticks, check your dog thoroughly and with a fine-tooth comb and remove any ticks you find. 

Combine Your Lawn Care Treatments

In addition to lawn care services, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services can treat your yard for both ticks and fleas. Our solutions are meant to eradicate both of these pests from your lawn, so that you, your kids, and your pets can enjoy healthy, green grass all summer long. To schedule an appointment or to get your free estimate, contact us today at (513) 296-7378.