The holidays are a time for family, friends, and – unfortunately for some – pests. Naturally, no one wants to spend their holiday dealing with pests, so this year, make sure you take the necessary precautions to keep them out. Thankfully, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services is here to share some tips on how to have a pest-free holiday. Follow these tips, and you can rest easy knowing that your guests will not be disturbed by any unwanted visitors!

How to Have Pest-Free Holidays

Inspect Your Home for Entry Points

As it gets colder, pests are going to be looking for quick access to warm places. So, before they take over your home, inspect the exterior for entry points. These can be cracks and holes along the foundation or in the eaves of the roof. Even overhangs can have holes, where birds can come in for the winter and live in your attic. So, inspect for these around your home and make note of where you need to seal up.

Seal up Cracks Around Windows, Doors, & Attic Spaces

Once you’ve identified possible entry points, it’s time to seal them up. This can be done with caulk or weatherstripping – whichever is more appropriate for your home. You can also install new window screens to prevent outside critters from getting in. Now is an excellent time to also have new chimney screens or caps installed so you don’t end up with bird nests or raccoons in your chimney.

Clean up Food Messes after Parties

If you’re hosting a party this holiday season, clean up food messes as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be inviting pests in to feast. Make sure to sweep and mop the floors and wipe down all of the surfaces. Dispose of any trash or leftovers in sealed bags, so pests can’t get to them. And lastly, if you have a pet, make sure to pick up their food and water bowls when the party is over.

Schedule a Pest Control Appointment

Pests can be a real nuisance during the holidays. But with these tips, you can keep them at bay. If you’re still having problems, be sure to schedule a pest control appointment with Lawn Plus Pest Control Services. We’ll take care of the pests, like cockroaches, ants, and mice, for you so you can focus on the things that really matter – like spending time with your loved ones. If you live in Cincinnati, OH, or the surrounding areas, contact us at (513) 296-7378.