If you’re like most of us, you’re looking forward to getting away for spring break. You’ve been thinking about sand, sun, and warmth for months now, and the entire family could use some bonding time. Still, there’s one little pest that could ruin your whole vacation if you’re not careful: bed bugs. These tiny bugs thrive in hotels and resorts and love to come home with travelers. So, while Lawn Plus Pest Control Services can’t treat out-of-town locations, we can help you prevent bringing these little nibblers home with you.

Spring Break: Don't Come Back with Bed Bugs

Stash Luggage

When you get to your resort or hotel for the week, make sure you leave your luggage in the tiled bathroom or stash it up off the floor in the closet. Bed bugs are notorious for finding their way into your clothing and bags, which is how they spread so quickly from one guest to another. By placing your luggage on the tile, you prevent them from leaving the carpeted areas or the beds while you thoroughly inspect the room. 

Change Rooms 

If you find evidence of bed bugs in your room, request a new one immediately, and not the adjacent room. Bed bugs can easily crawl between rooms, so moving across the hall or right next door will not solve your problem. Instead, ask for a room on a different floor and ensure the proper hotel staff is notified of your findings. 

Utilize Plastic Bags

One of the best ways to protect your luggage and clothing is to put dirty items in plastic travel bags. This will prevent any unwanted pests from venturing into the clean laundry. It will also ensure that you can contain any bed bugs you’re unaware of in one place. Once you get home, these plastic bags get dumped right into the washer. 

Wash Laundry in Hot Water

Once you get home from spring break, make sure you do all of your laundry in hot water. Keep dirty piles in their plastic bags and empty them only into the washer. If you have tennis shoes that were on the ground in the hotel, wash those in hot water as well. This will kill any bed bugs you may have brought home with you and prevent an outbreak in your house. 

Request Bed Bug Extermination

In the unfortunate event that you bring home bed bugs from spring break, contact Lawn Plus Pest Control Services right away! We specialize in the eradication of unwanted pests, just like bed bugs. We can even take care of ants and fleas. We proudly serve residents throughout Cincinnati, OH, so give us a call today at (513) 296-7378.