If you’re ready for spring to flourish and are itching to get outside, you won’t let those pesky mosquitos stop you! Besides, you’ve got that bug spray and those citronella candles ready to rock and roll for the year. But what if we told you that using these products won’t solve your mosquito problem? In fact, there are several reasons your DIY treatments won’t work this year or the next and why you should be calling Lawn Plus Pest Control Services instead.

Why DIY Mosquito Treatments Don't Work

Improper Application

When you rely on the bug sprays, candles, and bug zappers, you’re treating the symptom, not the problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners will struggle with mosquito control this year because they don’t treat the problem directly. In order to successfully eradicate mosquitos from your lawn, you need professional-grade applications in all the right places.

Not Strong Enough

While the store-bought mosquito applications will help get rid of the mosquitos initially, they always come back in a week or two. That’s because these solutions just aren’t strong enough to outlast the spring rains. Once you spray and a rain cloud lets loose, all your mosquito protection is washed away. That’s why professional mosquito control is always the best solution.  

Still Providing Nesting Spots

Mosquitos love pools of standing water and moist woodpiles. So, while you might get rid of them for a short time with your DIY application, these biters will always resurface, and usually in stronger numbers. So, if you want to limit their numbers, clean up your birdbaths, ponds, and woodpiles. Also, make sure you don’t have any standing water in your gutters or sitting in spare tires, as these also tend to be prime breeding grounds. 

Stop Mosquitos from Biting

Every year, hungry mosquitos ruin backyard fun. But this year can be different when you call Lawn Plus Pest Control Services! Our pest solutions for your home simply can’t be matched. We even offer solutions for carpenter bees, fleas and ticks, and ants. So, if you live in the Cincinnati, OH, area, it’s time to pick up the phone and dial (513) 296-7378 before the mosquitoes can bite!