Termite Control Services

Did you know Cincinnati ranks first in Ohio for cities with termite infestations? Call the professionals from Lawn Plus Pest Control Services at (513) 296-7378, and we’ll help protect your home from these destructive pests. You can also request an estimate now. We serve Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding areas.

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Signs of Termites

If you know that your neighbors have had termites or see signs of termites around your house, be sure to call Lawn Plus Pest Control Services as soon as possible. Here are some common signs of a termite infestation.

  • Flying termite swarms or piles of discarded wings left over from swarms
  • Peeling paint that looks like water damage
  • Buckling or damaged wooden or laminate floorboards
  • Damaged wood
  • Mud tubes
Sign of Termites Cincinnati

Regular Termite Service Will Protect Your Home

If you act quickly when you discover an infestation, you can minimize the damage with termite treatment. Years of undiscovered termite presence can lead to catastrophic damage in a home. At Lawn Plus Pest Control Services, we offer a termite service that can be renewed every year for ongoing protection.

Here’s how the process works:

We install bait stations with treated wood along the perimeter, usually near the foundation.

We place the stations at 10-15 foot intervals with a maximum of 20 feet from one station to the next.

This procedure eliminates existing subterranean termite colonies.

It works as both a termite treatment and preventative solution.

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Our Termite Program

You can’t go wrong when you choose Lawn Plus Pest Control Services. Our main priority is to make sure your home is a safe haven for your family. We offer affordable, flexible services, and we never charge a start-up fee. You’ll be happy to know we are also contract-free.

  • Bait station installation along the perimeter and near foundations
  • Eliminates existing subterranean termite colonies
  • Used as a treatment and preventative solution

Additional Pest Control Services

Since 2005, we’ve been offering lawn care and pest control services. In addition to termite pest control, we offer a whole menu of services for any pest problem that is plaguing you.

Whether you’re interested in termite control, or you have other pest problems, we’re here for you. Call (513) 296-7378 or request an estimate now. We serve Cincinnati, Dayton, Mason, West Chester, Fairfield, Hamilton, and beyond.