As the weather gets cooler, small animals and critters try their best to find a warm place to live. Many homeowners come to Lawn Plus Pest Control Services during the fall and winter months with fears that they have mice.  Sometimes, they find mouse droppings next to the silverware. Other’s complain about scratching in the walls. No matter the signs, one thing is always for certain: There is an entry hole these homeowners don’t know about. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common ways mice can get into your home. 3 Common Entry Holes for Mice

1. Cable Holes

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to switch cable, internet, or utility providers throughout the years. Each time a new technician has to install a utility, they likely create a new hole for the wiring. Over time, multiple cable holes can leave your home vulnerable to mice who are ready to make themselves cozy during the winter. However, you can prevent these critters from getting in by plugging up old holes and regularly checking on the new ones. Holes that seem to grow could indicate that you already have mice living in your walls somewhere.

2. Gaps in the Panes

Poorly fitted windows are one of the biggest culprits for letting in small, furry creatures. If you own an older home, you know this problem all too well. If your home’s windows haven’t been replaced in some time, then you might want to consider making the investment now. Mice are exceptionally agile creatures and can wiggle themselves into even the tiniest crack in your window panes. If you have ventilation flaps on your windows or around your doors, you should also check these areas for potential entry holes.

3. Roof Holes

Sometimes, you may not even realize you have an entry hole in your home until you have a mouse problem. Mice are notorious for getting into attics through holes in the roof, especially in older homes. Other roof hole access points can be the chimney or even the attic vents. If you have nearby trees with branches hanging over your roof, you may want to look for these access points. Mice use tree limbs to climb and get into your home without you even batting an eye.

Build a Barrier

Lawn Plus Pest Control Services knows what it takes to keep mice and other small animals out of your home. As winter approaches, these furry creatures will be looking for any way into your warm, cozy attic or walls. If you live in Cincinnati, Mason, or West Chester, OH, let us build that barrier for you, so you don’t have to worry. In addition to keeping mice away, we can help protect your home from bed bugs, roaches, and termites. Contact us today at (513) 296-7378.