Putting up your holiday décor is fun and exciting. But when the gifts are all unwrapped, and the guests have all gone home, it’s time to think about storing everything again for another year. While your attic or crawl space may be a great storage location, there are some ways you can store your Christmas and holiday decorations to deter rodents. You might think it silly, but rats, mice, and other vermin love to nest in your holiday décor since you don’t disturb these boxes but once a year. So, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services has put together a few storage tips to help keep your holiday decorations free from unwanted pests. 3 Holiday Décor Storage Tips

1. Ditch the Cardboard

We know those cardboard boxes are convenient, but if you want to avoid a rodent surprise next year, you should ditch these boxes. Not only do rodents love chewing through cardboard, but they will also nest inside, at the bottom of the box. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to switch to plastic totes and storage bins. For extra protection, make sure you get the bins that have snap-on lids and latches.

2. Keep Your Storage Area Clutter-Free

Mice and rats love clutter, so if your storage area looks a bit crowded, it’s time to declutter. Keeping your attic, basement, or crawl space free of loose papers, packaging, and other materials will ensure you don’t give rodents a cozy home 11 months out of the year. Packing up your holiday décor gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of things you don’t use, and rotate out old boxes for new, plastic ones.

3. Store Your Tree Properly

When it comes to storing your Christmas tree, you should consider keeping it in either a storage bag or a couple of plastic Christmas tree bins. Avoid storing your tree in the original cardboard box since this can be flimsy and easily chewed through by mice and rats. Plastic or canvas storage bins are much more durable and won’t allow rodents to nest right under your nose.

Keep Out Rodents and Pests

Finding you have mice or rats is never a pleasant experience, especially if you find them in your holiday decorations. Thankfully, the team of professionals at Lawn Plus Pest Control Services in Cincinnati, OH, is here for you. We not only set bait traps inside your home, but we also set them around the perimeter near any potential entry spots. We can also help you build up your defenses, so your home can be rodent, bed bug, termite, and roach free all year long. Get your estimate when you call (513) 296-7378 today.