As the holidays approach, you’re going to be busy with family gatherings, constant baking and cooking, and entertaining loved ones. However, the one thing you don’t have time to entertain is an infestation of rodents. Yet, these furry pests tend to make their way into homes every winter and are especially drawn indoors during the holidays. But, you don’t have to let rodents ruin your holiday plans. Instead, turn to Lawn Plus Pest Control Services for help. You can also be more aware of the ways you’re attracting these pests during your festivities.   3 Ways to Attract Rodents During the Holidays

1. Christmas Aromas

Cookies, turkey, ham, and side dishes galore. These are just a few of the aromas that waft through households. Your increased time in the kitchen, whipping up batches of cookies and pies, leaves the door open for more crumbs and spills. Rodents’ food supply diminishes drastically when the weather gets cold, and so more crumbs and food inside can draw them into your home. If you want to deter these pests from making a home in your cabinets and sabotaging Christmas dinner, then make sure you clean up any spills and sweep your carpets and floors regularly. Without food, rodents will likely move onto the next easy target.

2. Open Doors

With guests coming and going from your home and the kids venturing outside to play, it’s not uncommon for doors to be left open. Sometimes, this is all a rodent is waiting for, and they are quick to enter your home when given a chance. This also includes entering through the garage. So, if you’re looking for ways to keep your home rodent-free with the holidays approaching, make sure you keep all doors shut. You should also do a thorough inspection around your home and plug up any cracks in the windows and the attic, which are also possible entry points for rodents.

3. Ignoring Leaks

In the winter, outdoor water sources tend to freeze, leaving mice and rats searching for other water sources. Freezing temperatures can also lead to frozen pipes in your home, especially in an older house. When pipes freeze, they can burst and start to leak. Don’t ignore these leaky pipes; otherwise, you could soon find yourself with unwanted house guests. Leaky pipes provide rodents with the hydration they’ve been looking for, and the extra bathroom and kitchen use during the holidays will ensure that their water flow doesn’t slow down.

Don’t Let Rodents In

Lawn Plus Pest Control Services helps residents throughout Cincinnati, OH, build a barrier against rodents every year. These pests can certainly ruin your day and will definitely ruin your holiday gathering. Other pests like ants, bed bugs, and roaches are also a common complaint during the holidays, and our experts can help you with those as well. Get your free estimate on our website or call us at (513) 296-7378.