A cockroach infestation can make your home feel gross and unclean. While it might seem like they pop up out of nowhere, there’s likely a reason they’ve found your home and kitchen so appealing. Cockroaches are notorious for eating whatever they can find. This list includes fruits, vegetables, starches, grease, hair, droppings of older roaches, and more. Lawn Plus Pest Control Services usually gets a call from a bewildered homeowner after they’ve see a cockroach or two. However, nailing down what they’re feasting on doesn’t take an expert analysis. Here are several foods that are likely to attract these unwanted pests.

5 Foods that Attract Cockroaches

1. Sugar

Sugar is by far the most attractive substance to a cockroach. They love sugar and can smell it from anywhere. This means you’ll want to keep your sugar containers, fruits, and other sweeteners sealed in air-tight containers that are up off the floor. Furthermore, these pests will even lap up the dried, sticky soda on your floor, so make sure you clean up any spills right away. 

2. Starch

Starchy foods are another favorite for these unwanted pests. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll go for your loaves of bread or potatoes. Instead, you’ll find they’ve feasted on the bindings of your favorite books (which also contain starch), or they’ve chewed through cardboard boxes in the basement. Cockroaches are even attracted to old, grease-filled pizza boxes, so make sure you discard them sooner rather than later. 

3. Meat

Hamburger, chicken, and turkey are all great sources of protein, especially for cockroaches. They love tiny droppings that go unnoticed and are quick to sniff these out. If you tend to leave meat leftovers out on the counter or the stove, don’t be surprised if a cockroach family dives right in. Even if you spill some meat while cooking, make sure you clean it up right away, or you’ll find yourself giving us a call for a cockroach problem.

4. Grease

Remember that grease-filled pizza box we mentioned above? Cockroaches love grease! Meat fats and oils from cooking that splatter around or drip off the stove become a cockroach’s fantasy. High in fat and easy to track down, grease is just another top food source for these pests. Even the film around your oven hoods and burners can be enough to feed one or two cockroaches.

5. Cheese

If you thought you loved that sharp cheddar cheese, you’re not alone. Cockroaches love cheese, especially since it gives off a pungent smell when left at room temperature. Cheese is high in protein and fat, another great source of nutrition for these little pests. If you drop any sort of cheese crumbles or flakes on the floor, make sure to clean them up or a cockroach will find it. 

Stop Cockroaches in Their Tracks

German cockroaches are the most common roach we deal with here in Cincinnati, OH. Unfortunately, they’re one of the most difficult to get rid of, which is why so many homeowners call Lawn Plus Pest Control Services. With our German Roach Program and sanitation, we help families just like yours achieve roach control. We can also help with ants, termites, and spiders. So, don’t wait! Give us a call today at (513) 296-73