Spiders can be a common sight in almost every home, and while their presence may seem intimidating, they play a vital role in controlling the population of insects in our surroundings. However, it is important to understand that spiders are not always welcome house guests and can often make homeowners uncomfortable. One of the most common questions homeowners ask Lawn Plus Pest Control Services is why spiders come indoors. So, we’re here to answer just that.

Why Spiders Come Indoors

1. They’re Looking for Food

Spiders feed on insects, and if there are plenty of insects in your home, then it is highly likely that spiders will soon take up residence there. Some of the most common insects that attract spiders include flies, moths, and cockroaches, all of which can find their way into your home easily. Spiders usually prefer to build webs in areas with abundant prey, which is why you may often find them setting up shop in corners of the ceiling, where there are plenty of insects buzzing around.

2. It’s Breeding Season

Spiders may also come indoors in search of a mate. Most spider species have a set breeding season, and during this time, males will often wander into homes in search of females. This is especially true for certain spider species that prefer to build their webs in dark and quiet environments such as closets, attics, and basements. So, if you have a lot of spider webs in your home, it may be because there is a nearby mate that they are trying to impress.

3. They Seek Shelter

During the colder months, spiders will often seek out warm environments to take shelter from the cold weather. Homes provide the ideal shelter in such conditions as spiders can avoid getting too cold or harsh conditions that, otherwise, may threaten their survival. Having gaps in the walls, doors, windows, or attic spaces are common places where spiders can also crawl in and take shelter.

4. It’s Not on Purpose

Sometimes, spiders end up indoors by accident. Spiders can accidentally crawl into homes while exploring their surroundings, and once inside, they may find an environment that suits them and opt to stay. This is especially true for spiderlings, the small and immature spiders still trying to find their way in the world, which may result in them winding up indoors.

Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

As you can see, spiders often come indoors for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean you want them to stay. So, if you have a spider infestation, it’s time to pick up the phone and call Lawn Plus Pest Control Services at (513) 296-7378. Considering what we know about spider behavior here in Springdale, OH, we’ll tailor your spider control to the season. We can also identify and eliminate any other pests attracting spiders, like ants, termites, and roaches. Request your estimate today!