As a homeowner, you want to protect your family and pets from ticks that can transmit Lyme disease and other harmful infections. But if you notice an increase in ticks around your lawn and neighborhood, you may wonder why. Lawn Plus Pest Control Services is here to explain why ticks are invading your lawn and how we can help. Why Ticks are Invading Your Lawn

Wildlife Migration

Ticks are often carried by deer, rodents, birds, and other animals that migrate from one location to another. These animals often bring ticks with them, and once introduced to a new area, the ticks can adapt and establish populations. Remember: female ticks can lay up to 50 eggs daily, so mitigating an infestation is crucial.

Changes in Landscaping Practices

Land management practices are another factor affecting the spread of ticks in suburban areas. Removing trees, shrubs, and other natural barriers to create open spaces can alter the ecosystem and attract new hosts for ticks. Ticks prefer humid environments, and removing natural shade can create favorable conditions for them to thrive.

No Tick Control Measures

Many homeowners are not aware of the importance of tick control measures. Treating your yard is one of the most effective ways to reduce tick populations. Additionally, keeping your lawn well-manicured and trimming overgrowth can eliminate the places where ticks like to live. Furthermore, limit the number of ideal tick habitats around your home. This includes piles of leaves or firewood.

Lack of Awareness and Precautions

Many homeowners are still unaware of the risks associated with ticks. Education and awareness are crucial in preventing tick bites and Lyme disease. Wearing protective clothing when going outside, performing regular checks on your pets, and knowing how to remove ticks properly, are all ways to reduce tick bites.

Avoid Ticks & Protect Your Family

Ticks are a common problem for homeowners here in Cincinnati, OH. Thankfully, Lawn Plus Pest Control Services has you covered with specialized flea and tick control. We aim to protect you and your family no matter which program you choose. Worried about other pests like mosquitos and spiders? Ask us about our programs for those, too. Request your estimate today at (513) 296-7378.