The fall season is ushering in cooler temperatures and relief from the heat of the summer. But, unfortunately, it’s also ushering in unwanted pests to your home and lawn. As trees begin to change color and drop their leaves, the extra foliage around your home is attractive to fall pests like spiders, rodents, and cockroaches. That’s why it’s important to call Lawn Plus Pest Control Services for pest control and extermination. Yet, there are some things you can do to prevent any severe infestations this winter.

Your Fall Pest Prevention Checklist

Do a Perimeter Check

It’s impossible to find and cover every crack or seam around your home, but that makes your quarterly outdoor perimeter checks crucial. In the fall, you should be looking for things like holes in your brick and mortar or siding, missing shingles, and cracks around window frames. You should also look for damaged eaves around your home, and cracks in the foundation. Insects and rodents will be trying to escape the colder temperatures, and your home’s walls are the perfect hideaways. Closing up any of these potential entry points is a great way to mitigate the chances of an infestation.

Maintain Yard Work

As the weather cools, your lawn and yard work becomes even more crucial. Pests look for any place to hide, including overgrown landscaping, tall grass, wood stacks, and leaf piles. To mitigate your chances of these pests from getting inside your home, make sure you keep your lawn trimmed, leaves raked, and woodpiles sheltered. Furthermore, you shouldn’t keep any wood or brush piled up near your home or garage, as this will only invite pests in. 

Cover Vents & Chimneys

Keeping larger pests out of your home is also crucial. Rodents, birds, raccoons, and opossums are all going to be wanting to find warm places to spend the winter. Yet, many homeowners fail to cover their vents and chimneys, offering the perfect nesting and hiding places for these critters. So, make sure you get these areas around your home covered and sealed before the winter arrives. 

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