There’s no arguing that lawn care is a chore that many homeowners would prefer not to deal with. However, with the right tools in the shed, mowing, weeding, and raking can become enjoyable. At Lawn Plus Pest Control Services, we understand how tedious fall lawn care can be, that’s why we’re here to help prepare you in every way possible. Even after we’ve done our job, you might want to do some work between our visits, so here are the must-have tools you’ll need.

5 Must-Have Lawn Care Tools


1. Wheelbarrow

Moving things from one spot to another can be a chore, regardless of the size of your lawn. A wheelbarrow makes transporting soil, mulch, dirt, plants, and fertilizer easy. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get things done with one of these in the shed. 

2. Rakes

With fall approaching, the trees will begin to lose their leaves, landing them directly on your lawn. Even with regular visits from your expert lawn care professionals, your yard can soon be taken over by dead leaves. Rakes help you quickly and efficiently gather them up and discard them from your landscape. 

3. Shears

A pair of hand-held shears are perfect for cutting back those low hanging tree branches, overgrown shrubs, and tall decorative grasses throughout your landscaping. With a reliable and robust pair in your tool shed, you’ll find trimming bushes a breeze.   

4. Gloves

A thick pair of gardening gloves are sure to save the day. Before you pick up a tool, make sure you have a reliable pair of gloves to prevent blisters and splinters. Your gloves should also fit snugly around the wrists to keep out bugs and dirt while you work.

5. Leaf Blower

Sometimes, leaves, branches, and debris fall in places around your landscaping that you can’t get to. That’s when a leaf blower comes in handy. This mighty wind supplier is perfect for clearing off the back patio of grass trimmings and leaves, and can quickly help you pile up debris to discard in your wheelbarrow.

We’re on Your Side

Life keeps you busy. That’s why the expert lawn care professionals of Lawn Plus Pest Control Services are on your side. We offer everything from seeding and removal, weeding and fertilization, to mowing and trimming. We’ll even take care of any pesky ant or spider infestations around your home. We proudly serve residents throughout Cincinnati, OH. Contact us today at (513) 296-7378.